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Our clients want design solutions that are uniquely reflective of their lifestyle. We specialize in materializing our client’s needs into exquisite and inviting spaces that are breathtaking, beautiful, and bespoke.


At BBI Design Solutions, we provide the highest level of customer service in the design industry. BBI Design Solutions applies its vision to more than 400 homes each year, by helping homeowners, businesses, developers and builders create both external and internal appeal with functionality.

Kelsey Tsompanas

Kelsey loves the process of turning a new house into a home. Her passion for design reflects her work and enthusiasm for helping clients create their unique and individualized homes. She believes personal decor should be driven by creativity, making the design process enjoyable and bringing the client’s dreams of a new home to life.

Linda Fender

An Atlanta native, Linda spent ten years with Atlanta accounting firm Al Couper and Associates before opening her accounting firm in 2000. She has provided BBI with a complete package of accounting services since early 2004, bringing 25+ years of accounting experience to the BBI team.

Annemarie Brown

Annemarie loves creating beautiful environments and truly enjoys seeing each client’s dreams of a new home come to life. She always wants the homeowners to feel comfortable and not overwhelmed in this process, helping them add personalization while reflecting their unique style.

Erica McCRory

Erica joined our team in 2003, eventually taking the responsibility of office manager. She has assisted in creating both a beautiful and functional office environment that allows for pleasant and productive design appointments. She takes great pride in ensuring an enjoyable experience every time while establishing lasting relationships with BBI’s clients.

Anita Beyer

Her goal is to make her client’s dreams a reality, whether a complete home renovation starting with demolition or a smaller project such as personalizing a room or office. Orchestrating projects from start to finish and offering her clients a smooth, stress-free design process is where Anita shines the most.

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