Trade Partners

BBI Design Solutions offers hundreds of product lines to our Trade Partners. A wide variety of vendor links, creative catalogs, and a personalized selection of materials are available to inspire you in your design needs.

Are you a designer who has landed a design project and not sure where to go to source for your client? The good news you are at the right place. Getting aligned with the right partner is critical! Partner with us so you can source for the right pieces while staying within your client’s budget. While you can source from retail and online stores joining our trade program offers more than just access, it immerses you into a world that will provide you with options for your clients, options that are within your clients’ budget. 

Join our program to learn more. The process is simple, please click the link below to start your application process or email support@bbidesignsolutions or call 770 447-5800 

exclusive trade BENEFITS

  • Subscribing to our program provides you with Vendors who offer quality products, Brand names that have been around for decades.
  • Buying with a trade account allows you to purchase pieces at a discount, or a percentage off the suggested retail price. Our prices are competitive. And the benefits of a trade account extend far beyond pricing—you’ll find the service and connection to your design community are worth any temporary paperwork anxiety.
  • Call to schedule a preview of our showroom.
  • We handle the logistics for you, from ordering to delivering. Sit back and work on other projects while we take care of you.
  • We offer a showroom that is extended as a work space for you and you client. Be creative, save time by using our one stop shop showroom.
  • We source for most products, our products include: Furniture, Upholstery, Art work, Rugs, lighting, fabric, Wall paper. Remodeling products – Tile, hardware, faucets, Solid surfaces/countertops, Carpet, Hardwood, LVP

Some of our Featured Vendor Partners

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Join our program to learn more.

The process is simple, please click the link below to start your application process or email

You can also call us on 770 447-5800